In today’s modern age it seems that many things are now being purchased online and many of those things are being bought on Online Auction Websites such as cars, boats, clothes, electronics, cattle and now yes even horses.

After listing several horse with HorseZip, LLC. in their online horse auction it’s been more than a HUGE success for me. They helped me with everything, from tips on how to get better photos and videos of our horses to do all of the online marketing of my horses. I couldn’t be happier with how things are going.
Austin W.

You ask what the benefit of purchasing a horse at an online horse auction could possibly be? Here are a few thoughts for you to consider.

When purchasing from a Online Horse Auction there are several benefits to consider. The Online Horse Auction is safer than purchasing from a livestock auction. There are many times even vaccinated horses will become sick from diseases that they are exposed to at an horse auction barn even the most elite horse auction services. Most online horse auctions require sellers to have a veterinary exam done prior to listing their horse at auction as well as a current negative coggins test. Most online horse auctions require sellers to offer the potential buyer the opportunity to see the horse in person and take it for a test ride. Livestock sales never give the potential buyer a chance for a test ride. Our Online horse auctions require that the seller allow potential buyers the option of having a more extensive vet checks at the buyer’s expense as long as the buyer requests this vet check in ample time before the auction ends. Our online horse auction also require plenty of videos and pictures to assist each seller with determining if this is the horse for them. You can’t always find the perfect horse when looking close to your home but the Online Horse Auctions allows you the opportunity to find what you are looking for even if it may be on the other side of the country. When buying from an individual many of those sellers will not have a vet check for you to see prior to considering the purchase of their horse. Many of those sellers will not have good quality videos and pictures for you to look at prior to purchasing their horse. Bidding on a horse on an Online Horse Auction can be fun and exciting especially in the last few minutes of the auction. It can even be a little nail biting just waiting to see if you have won the auction when the auction closes.

Questions About Online Horse Auctions

Here at we only represent sellers with quality horses. We require all sellers to provide a vet check from a licensed veterinarian, have a current coggins test, provide a Health Certificate if the horse is sold to someone in a state other that where if is bought, several good pictures and a video showing things that a potential buyer would want to see to make a decision to whether this is the horse that they are looking for. We are more than happy to assist any buyer with the bidding process and setting up their buyer’s account. We are a safe, fun and secure place for buyers and sellers to meet.

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  1. I recently purchased a pony from the Horse auction site. Cindy was very helpful in making me feel comfortable with navigating this site and using it to make a purchase. Also I found that the man from whom I purchased my pony to be a ‘straight shooter’. He was believable, honest, and jumped through extra hoops and several conversations to earn my trust. Ultimately I have found my new pony to be just what he had said the pony would be. Thank you Austin Wildhaber. If I ever need another horse purchase, I will check with you first. Dan , Indiana. .

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